Effects of Stress on Your Skin, Hair And How To Reduce It

Effects of Stress on Your Skin, Hair And How To Reduce It

Effects of Stress on Your Skin

Stress can affect your entire body, which include your hair, nails, and skin. Since stress is a part of life, the most important thing is how you handle it.

How Stress Affects Skin

Stress actually causes a chemical response in the body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also make it more difficult for skin problems to heal.

Do you ever notice that you easily break down when you’re stressed and or depressed? This is largely because stress causes your body to send a signal to hormones like cortisol, and informs glands in your skin to produce excess oil. A skin that is oily is more susceptible to acne and other skin problems.

Skin problems get worse. For instance, stress can heighten psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. It can also introduce hives and other types of skin rashes and trigger a flare-up of fever blisters.

Effects of Stress on Your Skin, Hair And How To Reduce It

Start with daily skin care. If you’re exposed to stress, you might skimp on this part of your routine, which can heighten skin issues.

Skin problems is another introducer of stress to the body. It feels so bad for the skin to perpetually look bad and unattractive. A lot of persons feel so bad about how their bodies look and they tend to keep to themselves, which adds more stress.

Do you have some skin issues that has refused to heal or keeps coming back, have a rethink how you handle stress.

Eight Ways to Reduce the Effects of Stress on Your Skin

It’s practically impossible to avoid stress completely, but you can try some useful ways to handle it better. Try these approaches:

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  1. Don’t overlook your skin. Take proper care of it, this means that, even if you’re tired or stressed.
  2. Get regular and adequate exercise. Exercise is not just good for your skin, but the rest of your body.
  3. Create time for yourself to do something you really enjoy, even if it has to be only 10 minutes each day.
  4. Listen or dance to your favorite genre of music.
  5. Take a walk around the neighborhood.
  6. Learn and practice stress management techniques, such techniques include breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, or even visual imagery.
  7. Get adequate sleep. This ideal to have 7 to 8 hours each night as advised by World Health Organization( WHO).
  8. Set limits and boundaries to lower your stress, it’s very okay to do so.

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