Sun Damage and Brown Spots/Pigment Treatment

What is a Brown Spot on the Skin?

“The cause of brown skin spot is the point at which the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) has a basal layer, which contains shade cells containing melanin that gives toning to the skin. Brown spots are frequently innocuous stains or hyper-pigmentation that can show up on various parts of the body yet more normally in regions exposed to the sun. Most cases are because of Lentigines (Age or Liver Spots) or Seborrheic Keratoses).

Call us for a FREE consultation to get a conclusive determination and for a yearly mole check to ensure that any spots are not a melanoma (carcinogenic). Watch for signs, for example, the assymetry (not round), sporadic edges, lopsided shadings and size (bigger than a pencil eraser.) If the mole, nevi or brown spot has continued as before for the last year, is balanced, has unmistakable lines, is like different spots or moles and is principally one tone, it is presumably harmless (not dangerous).”

Causes of Brown Spots on the Skin

Melanocytes or color cells are sporadically circulated all through the skin. Openness to the sun’s bright (UV) beams speeds up the development of brown shade or melanin, which makes a tan that shields the skin from hurtful UV beams. A few spaces of the skin, nonetheless, are bound to be likely to delayed sun openness, making the shade cells produce more melanin, bringing about brown skin spots. Many shade cells might be bunched and they might seem to deliver colors in high fixation, prompting the presence of brown spots.

Treatment of Brown Spots

At Spring Care Medical Aesthetics, we offer a comprehensive treatment for brown spots and a host of other services such as Platelet-Rich Plasma that takes care of hair loss, wrinkles, acne, pimples, fine lines and general skin rejuvenation.

Our estheticians and medical team members perform health assessments and analysis to develop targeted treatments that best compliment your appearance and lifestyle.

At Spring Care, Skin consultations are free and our experts offer a full health assessment for any new patient.

You can book an appointment with us right away. See button below or give us a call. Remember, consultations are FREE.

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