Medical Ear Piercing For Babies, Children and Adults

Boom! We are excited to offer medical ear piercing for babies, children, and adults! This is an opportunity to get kids to experience an excellent taste of our medical ear piercing for children and adults.

At Spring care Medical Aesthetics, we use the most advanced technology available for ear piercing. It is completely sterile and safe. The system also uses hypoallergenic medical-grade earrings so you absolutely do not have to worry about allergic reactions or whatsoever. The procedure is fast and easy, with a high minimal discomfort. All necessary preparation has been put in place to offer the best possible ear piercing service, EVER.

At Spring Care, baby ear piercing is carried out by our pediatrician and is incredibly safe and sterile to give you and your children minimal discomfort with no allergic reactions. Adults can also enjoy this service which is safe, sterile and has zero cases of allergic reactions.

Should you need to ask us any questions, we are open, always to respond to you. Take advantage of our FREE consultation by calling our phone lines or booking an appointment with us.

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