Varicose Vein Treatment With Laser Machine

Varicose Vein Treatment With Laser Machine


Varicose Vein Treatment With Laser Machine

Laser technology is multifaceted and used in multiple ways in medical and cosmetic procedures. Because of its effectiveness, a lot of doctors use laser machines to deliver effective and long-lasting results for a wide range of conditions. One of the parts where a laser machine is effective is vein treatment.

With the use of laser machines, you can effectively decrease and even eradicate the appearance of unpleasant veins and improve your blood circulation. The most accepted treatment method for unpleasant veins is endovascular laser ablation (EVLA).

What Does Endovascular Laser Ablation Treat?

Endovascular laser ablation (EVLA) is a process used to treat situations such as chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Chronic venous insufficiency is a result of veins having difficulty in transferring blood from the extremities of the body (most often the legs) back up to the heart. When blood flows to the heart is limited because of this situation, the blood pools in the legs. This results in circulation problems that will likely cause vascular health symptoms that go beyond just cosmetic needs. Chronic venous insufficiency is more frequent in women and older persons.

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that are typically present on the legs. These veins come out gnarled and discolored and develop when the veins’ valve system malfunctions and hinders blood from flowing to the heart. Instead, the blood goes backward and remains in the legs. This results in blood pools in the veins, and the varicose veins appear lumpy and rope-like. Spider veins are like varicose veins but come in a lesser form. EVLA can also effectively treat spider veins.

How Does Endovascular Laser Ablation Work?

EVLA can effectively treat varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. The process involves closing off difficult veins using heat delivered through laser machines. The difficult veins that are not allowing good blood flow are cauterized and stopped. This causes the blood to redirect itself into nearby, healthier veins.

For EVLA to take place, a doctor will place a laser fiber needle into the difficult vein through a small incision in the skin. Laser energy is inserted into the vein, which seals it close. In the end, the vein is reabsorbed into the body and will no longer be noticeable. EVLA is minimally-invasive and uses image guidance for precision and safety. You won’t even need stitches after completing the process.

Laser Vein Treatment in Ontario

At Spring Care Medical Aesthetics, we treat a wide range of vein and vascular problems including varicose and spider veins. Depending on your state, we offer ablation therapy, sclerotherapy, and laser vein treatments.

We will discuss the best treatment options for you and make sure you are mindful of the profit and risks of each process. Our objective is to bring back your legs to their smooth and youthful look, and also improve your vascular health.

Find out how laser vein treatment can help you get good-looking legs and enhance your vascular health. Contact Spring Care Medical Aesthetics on 519-702-4344 to book an appointment. You can also book an appointment online by filling out the form below.

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