Platelet Rich Plasma for Arthritis, All You Need to Know and Benefits

Platelet Rich Plasma for Arthritis, All You Need to Know and Benefits


Platelet Rich Plasma injections are used to take care of a wide range of ailments which include pain and injury. It is also used to treat arthritis, especially arthritis of the knees. In addition to that, many doctors now use PRP to treat a long list of orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Research carried out by the American Journal of Sports Medicine clearly shows that patients with osteoarthritis report a decrease in their pain levels one week after their PRP for arthritis. What’s more, the patients used as case studies in the study report that they experience a better health status for six months after the PRP injections. Supporting research has been conducted and confirmed the findings of the initial research by the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

According to these researches and to the patients who were used as case studies, the Platelet Rich Plasma for arthritis was effective in treating their pain for six months. It is also known that the duration of Platelet Rich Plasma injections can be helpful is often extended by using periodic maintenance injections.

There are some factors that are involved in determining how long PRP injections for arthritis will be effective in handling a patient’s pain. The effectiveness of Platelet Rich Plasma treatment depends on the specific condition that the Platelet Rich Plasma is being used to treat. There are some conditions that are more advanced and thus will be more difficult to treat.

Another point to consider in any medical procedure or treatment is the general health status of the patient who is undergoing the treatment. It is reasonable that the patient would have an easier time recovering and will benefit from the procedure more if their general health status is better. A patient whose health status is poor will have a more difficult time and because of a range of health factors may not respond as well to the treatment.

Note also that everybody is different and the way in which a person’s body responds to the first instance of the PRP injections will determine in terms of how he or she will respond to the procedures and whether or not they will see significant results.

In a more simple term, there is no definite answer to give when talking about how long Platelet Rich Plasma injections for arthritis will last, but we can confidently say that the treatments will begin to reduce pain within a week of the initial injection and will continue to be very helpful for six months, and more confidently, even longer if there are maintenance injections added.

Generally, Platelet Rich Plasma injections are an alluring alternative for arthritis pain management and treatment because often the alternative is living with pain or having an insidious surgical procedure. If you experience arthritis, you have lived with the pain for long enough. We would advise that you take advantage of our Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. You can call us or walk into our facility to have a FREE consultation with one of our desk specialists or fill out the form below. Arthritis has a way of limiting your ability to do daily tasks and can lower your quality of life greatly. Taking care of pain caused by arthritis is important to your general health and wellbeing. For many, a surgical procedure may be the best or only option available. For others, PRP injections will be a less insidious alternative to surgery.

Surgical treatment is not only invasive, but it can take weeks and weeks to recover from. The time taken to recover can be a difficult period full of hardship for many people and this can make other health issues difficult to maintain. With Platelet Rich Plasma injections for arthritis, you do not have the same recovery period. Additionally, you may have the benefits within a week of receiving the first injection.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is a medical treatment that is a brainchild of the knowledge that our body has the ability to heal itself. Knowing that our body is self-healing can be a very therapeutic thing. Platelet Rich Plasma injections take resources from your body, improve them, and reintroduce them into your body to assist in the procedure of self-healing.

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