What are the causes of arthritis?

What Are the Causes of Arthritis?

Platelet Rich Plasma has been studied to ease the pain of osteoarthritis. There are other types of arthritis that you might be interested in knowing, while it is popular for people around the world to overlook mild joint pains and stiffness as not long-lasting if it stays for long, it is likely that you may have a more serious condition like arthritis.

Some common causes of this disease

Inflammation: one of the commonest causes of arthritis pain is inflammation, this occurs as a result of existing tissue damage. The body releases inflammatory chemicals, which in turn alert the nerves that send pain signals to the brain. This creates pain in the area where there is tissue damage. As you should know, Pain is an important signal to our body to confirm that something is wrong so we can take action.

Cartilage weakening

Although cartilage deterioration has never been a fun topic to cover, it is still an important aspect while discussing the causes of arthritis. Talking about osteoarthritis, we are actually talking about a degenerative joint infection that frequently involves the hips, knees, neck, lower back, or small joints of the hands.
Immune system attack

Having rheumatoid arthritis (RA) could mean that your own body is your own worst enemy. All bodies have an immune system that releases enzymes that attack healthy cells in your body mistakenly; this causes painful swelling in the tissues and lining of the joints in those areas of your body.

This autoimmune inflammatory disease usually affects various joints in the fingers, toes, hips, wrists, and knees. Whenever you wake up in the morning and your fingers feel stiff or you feel pains in your knees after a walk, have you ever wondered why? Well, it’s okay if you do, because we think about it all the time—you’re probably living with arthritis.

While it’s common for people around the world to write off mild joint pain and stiffness as temporary, if it remains an ongoing issue, you may have a more serious condition like arthritis. Let’s explore the most common causes of this disease—and some of the factors that may put you at high risk.

Although the exact cause of arthritis is unknown, medical experts have identified some risk factors that can result in the development of arthritis. The following are factors that may put you at greater risk of arthritis.

  • Genetics
  •  Unhealthy body weight
  • Joint injury or overuse of drug
  • Smoking

Other risk factors include family history, obesity, age, and gender—women are more likely to develop this form of arthritis.

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Reducing Pain

If what you’ve read above sounds familiar, your joint pain may indicate arthritis, so we highly recommend that you consult our doctor, consultations are always free.

When it comes to the management of pain, the best thing to start with is by taking care of your overall health. Ensure that you are eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight by exercising regularly, the practice of mindfulness and relaxation techniques all important steps to take. Do not forget to rest when you need it.

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